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I'm Chris Garrett, a founder and creative technologist working at the intersection of design and engineering.

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I help startups and established brands develop new digital products through my studio, Hyperlaunch, which specialises in early-stage product development and rapid prototyping.

Project: U2 Space Baby

It’s been a while since I shipped a client project with Hyperlaunch, so I’m super excited to release the new Space Baby app for U2. I’m even more excited to be able to say that I’m the first developer in the world to develop an app integration with The Sphere.

3D visualisation of the Space Baby on the Sphere

What is it?

It’s a companion app for U2’s residence at the Sphere. Whenever U2 content is playing on the “exosphere”, the app goes into “broadcast mode”, allowing fans to tune in and listen to the audio accompaniment. This includes the Space Baby speaking, so I had a fair bit of technical wrangling to make sure it’s millisecond accurate - essentially pre-downloading the entire clip and then seeking to the right point, to avoid latency issues with streaming.

Outside of broadcasts, there’s an ambient soundtrack produced by Brian Eno.

When a broadcast starts, we recieve a notification from the Sphere’s internal tooling to update the currently playing clip - and my stack then pushes a socket to all active users to update the state in real time.

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