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I'm Chris Garrett, a founder and creative technologist working at the intersection of design and engineering.

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I help startups and established brands develop new digital products through my studio, Hyperlaunch, which specialises in early-stage product development and rapid prototyping.

Making ad-hoc API calls type-safe

I’ve had to integrate a few legacy APIs recently; some with SDKs that lack type definition, like the Atriusmaps Node SDK. I’ve fallen into a pattern of using tools like Zod and Valibot to parse the incoming data, for two reasons:

  • It gives me a type-safe object to play with - so I get all the typescript benefits like auto-completion, checking etc.
  • It flags any data that’s shaped unexpectedly with a nice, clear exception - so I don’t end up having to step through Cannot read properties of undefined errors.
  • It’s easier to reason with a Zod schema than the equivalent, manual type definition.

I’ve also found that GPT does a very good job of generating Zod schemas from Jbuilder views, so adding type safety to a Rails API request is a doddle. Will definitely be leaning into this pattern more and more.