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I'm Chris Garrett, a founder and creative technologist working at the intersection of design and engineering.

Announcing PlanAtom

I’m very excited to share the public availability of PlanAtom. This is a product that I originally spiked as an internal sales tool within XI, but has since grown into a full blown commercial service.

The premise is quite simple: aggregate planning applications and identify the ones which fit with our service, then reach out to the applicants with a view to being the first builder they engage with. There’s a huge range of use cases for this across the construction ecosystem - from commercial lenders, to materials suppliers, to service providers like building regs.

Tech wise, the data aggregation is wrapped up in a Rails app. It uses GPT to parse very “soapy” planning application descriptions into structured data which can then be filtered and queried. The frontend, as ever, is built with Astro and leans heavily on Tailwind UI. I’m still actively developing the customer control panel, using Turso and Lucia.

Very excited to be shipping this - it’s the first flag in the ground for Project XI as a tech enabled business, and showcases the extent of what we’re working on.