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I'm Chris Garrett, a founder and creative technologist working at the intersection of design and engineering.

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I help startups and established brands develop new digital products through my studio, Hyperlaunch, which specialises in early-stage product development and rapid prototyping.


Bit of an overdue “year in review” - but better late than never.

2023 was a very weird year.

  • On the back of “Trussonomics”, I spent a lot of time naviagating choppy waters with my property portfolio - we got to a stable place, but it was stressful
  • I did my first ever (brief) stint on payroll with a startup, and learned a lot along the way
  • Coming out of that, I jumped straight into developing the world’s first integration with the Sphere for u2
  • I launched Decimal - a binaural beats player that now boasts an average user session time of 46 minutes
  • Developed a bunch of tools for Project XI - leaning heavily into generative AI and discovering totally unexpected capabilities
  • We spun the first of those out as PlanAtom
  • I managed to sneak a really fun PoC with my friends at MusicAlly in before the end of the year - using RAG techniques to deliver a generative chat experience based on their 20+ years of content
  • I really let my fitness drop in the last quarter. I do a lot of walking and that keeps a certain baseline, but fell very short on strength training, and did next to no fighting


  • Getting back to my happy level of fitness; lot’s of HIIT, fighting, climbing and hiking
  • I want to really up my Jujitsu/grappling skills this year
  • Building work on our house should be finished next month - and I look forward to home not being a building site for the first time
  • I want to formalise my consultancy offering; I love working with startups in that capacity, specifically the constant exposure to new projects that it brings - I need to get my messaging down and do more concentrated prospecting
  • At the same time, I want to start to shift the majority of my income away from project work and towards license revenue; my main skill to hone this year is growth and marketing - I can build, now I need to sell